Exhibitors 2017

Embroidered laser jewelry

Embroidered laser jewelry is good example to show how we can connect new technologies and traditional craft. This jewels were made by modifying of common cut jewelry. It can be goood inspiration for another Labs. We use materials like plywood and different type of leather. Firstly, we designed it in Corel Draw, then cut it on our laser and finally we embrioder it. What you can do from leather or plywood? Moody wooden bow-knots, earrings, bracelets or different types pendants. Beautiful is, that every product is unique.

Embroidered laser jewelry

Creative Point team

Creative Point is type of Fablab which helps people to develop their own projects. Our team specialized on testing new materials in fabrication and new manufacturing process. Creative Point has opening hours when everybody from Bratislava region can use our machines for free (3D printers, laser, CNC milling, electronics, vinyl cutter). We also organize workshops to teach people how to use our technologies, 2D/3D modelling, how to use not just etc.

  C23 (pav. 8) - Slovak Business Agency - Creative Point department

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