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Bushi, il drone richiudibile
Bushi, il drone richiudibile

Bushi, il drone richiudibile

Bushi is a foldable drone, convenient and easy to carry. It measures 450 mm diagonal, but thanks to ad hoc designed junctions, it closes comfortably and quickly, occupying only 310 mm diagonal. Thanks to the weight of 1,470 kg (including camera and battery) it remains in the air for more than 20 minutes.

Bushi, il drone richiudibile

Robotic Thunder

Robotic Thunder is a group founded by four guys specializing in different fields that they share the passion for the technology and the modeling. It's composed by:
Luciano Rocca, geologist passionate about airplane modeling
Simone Della Libera, expert drones designer
Federica De Petris, expert nurse in emergency of the territory
Beatrice Di Stefano, geologist in remote sensing and GIS

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