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The project originated from the necessity to create a vehicle for a child with motor disabilities. Three functions are expected: trike, tricycle and stroller.
The main requests concerned the stability of the mean of transport and the security of the child.
The vehicle differs from a normal bicycle under different aspects. It has got two front wheels, a steering system connected to both the front part (trike configuration) and the rear part (stroller configuration), a saddled seat with seatbelts and pedals with a foot-stopping system.
The project had a perfectly functioning outgoing and is now used by the toddler and the family.



Tommaso Manini - Donatella Musarò - Luca Olmi - Giulia Ramella - Francesca Rodino - Laura Salatino

S'Trike is a project realized by a group of students from Politecnico di Torino in collaboration with Hackability@polito.
We had the opportunity to realize this project thanks to the course "Disability Technologies" that works closely with Hackability and Paideia Foundation.
This team was formed to develop a project that was not only technical but also social aim and in line with Hackability and Paideia goals.
The team is composed by:
- Tommaso Manini, aerospace engineering student (2nd year)
- Donatella Musarò, biomedical engineering student (2nd year)
- Luca Olmi, design student (3rd year)
- Giulia Ramella, biomedical engineering student (2nd year)
- Francesca Rodino, biomedical engineering student (2nd year)
- Laura Salatino, biomedical engineering student (2nd year)

  D19 (pav. 6) - Hackability Italia

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