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3DiTALY presents: The Mosaicist Robot

3DiTALY presents: The Mosaicist Robot

3DiTALY introduces to you our future co-worker: Collaborative Robots (Cobot). Robots will not replace the human being. Robots will help to optimize the machining processes. They will integrate with the Italian manufactory. Our Robot (UR5 Universal Robot) will produce an artistic mosaic. It is a typical work of craftsmanship applied in the building industry. The workflow is as follows: capturing or creating an image (MakerFaire robot-mascot); translation with parametric software (Grasshopper) in robot-arm movement; pick and place of the mosaic, on a 4x4 m wall.

3DiTALY presents: The Mosaicist Robot


3DiTALY is the first professional 3D printing service in Italy. We are specialized in the diffusion of new tools offered by Digital Fabrication in companies, sectors, schools and public bodies. 3DiTALY is also a research and development center for Industry 4.0 projects, with several flagship stores in Italy.

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