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Painteraction: realtà aumentata per l'inclusione
Painteraction: realtà aumentata per l'inclusione

Painteraction: realtà aumentata per l'inclusione

Painteraction is an augmented reality tool that was tailored to children with ASD needs. It gives the possibility of having a visual feedback of body movements, thus giving a sensori motor integration and reducing the anxiety of face to face interaction. It allows the user to be immersed in his/her own images, drawing just by moving the hands or by emitting sounds. It is an inclusive tool because every child enjoys playing on a screen just using body movements.

Painteraction: realtà aumentata per l'inclusione

The design and development of Painteraction was realized at Atlas Centre—Sementera ONLUS by the clinician, art therapist Simone Donnari with the support of Magali Rochat, who holds a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. In 2015, Leva Engineering srl (Torino, Italy) s

Simone Donnari. Art therapist, developer of an innovative video integration method in the field of art therapy applied to psychotic and autistic patients. He is in charge of Atlas Centre, an innovative Centre in Perugia where new technologies and art therapy are applied to different populations of patients (www.atlascentre.eu). Director of Education of the Art Therapy School in Assisi, Italy, he is teacher and co-founder of Istituto Gaetano Benedetti, school of psychotherapy, Assisi - Italy.
He is President of the Italian professional association of art therapists (APIArt).
Since 1995 co-founded Sementera onlus, Association dedicated to therapeutic activities for social rehabilitation of psychotic and autistic patients. In 2011 he was among the founders of Isps Italy (The International Society for Psychological and Social approaches to Psychosis).
In 2013 with Maurizio Peciccia he is in charge of the Research Project “Bodily Self and Social Interaction. Sensorimotor and autonomic correlated and Motor Sensory Integration therapies in chronic Schizophrenic Patients” in cooperation with Prof. Vittorio Gallese (Department of Neurosciences of the University of Parma, Italy).
He gives regularly seminars, lectures and conducts supervisory sessions on art therapy in Mental Health Centres in Italy, University of Perugia Italy and New York University Steinhardt (Dept. of Art and Art Professions).

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