Exhibitors 2017

Floating Faces / Facce Flottanti

Floating Faces / Facce Flottanti

Using the optical properties of the Fresnel lens, above their focal point, we have developed an integrated protoype system for creating the illusion of seeing, and interacting with, "floating faces in the air" broadcasted live using a mobile device.

Floating Faces / Facce Flottanti

Enrique Canessa, Livio Tenze

Enrique Canessa, physicist, is one of the managers of the ICTP Scientific FabLab in Trieste and enjoys using his free time to research for solutions following the maker philosophy, like for example on how to recycle plastic, how to use new models of 3D printers in remote and poor areas to build large objects in a short time and with minimal resources.

Livio Tenze, Italian electronics engineer, researcher. Achievements include Implementation of a real-time video processing algorithms, expert on digital signal processing and IT, development of photographic prints restoration.

  C46 (pav. 8) - ICTP SciFabLab

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