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Laboratorio tecnologico di moda
Laboratorio tecnologico di moda

Laboratorio tecnologico di moda

This project encompasses many different techniques made with different machines including laser machine, cutting plotter, UV inkjet printer, inkjet printer, thermofusion machine
Every technique comes from testing and sampling for the realization of unique plates used for laser cutting and the subsequent creation of fashion accessories
The slabs are mainly made of wood, which by its versatility is my favorite material, light, natural, not polluted, often recycled, keeps the print and becomes wonderful
The techniques I have designed are:
- 150-degree TNT fabric gloss finish on pretreated wood slab, followed by laser cutting
--Print inkjet with graphics on sublimatic sheet and thermofusion on natural wood, depending on the color and the wood each sheet creates different shades, follows laser cutting
- UV printing, graphic design, wood treatment and machine printing / inkjet printing / color fastening with UV light, laser cutting follows
--Creation of stencil by cutting plotter and color swab on wood slab, followed by laser cutting
--Creation of tnt motives by cutting plotter, 150 degree print on pre colored paper to create a relief effect and color, followed by laser cut

Thermoforming of multiple layers of fabric (eco-leather, cotton, lace, etc.) To form a thickness of 2 / 3mm and create unique, lightweight and tactile plates, laser cutting follows

Laboratorio tecnologico di moda

Sonia Perini

This project was born after years of curiosity and passion, and it all started with the desire to create fashion accessories in perspex and laser cutting. I studied design in 2D by self-taught and this allowed me to make the lasercut of the design accessories I drew
In the early years I designed and cut out accessories in perspex, but over time this material started to ripen, always curious and lover of machinery and technology I started to interest in cutting plotter and related materials, UV printers and their functions, started the first questions in my mind and the desire to experiment so I started to prototype the first plates, initially wanted to give another life to the plexiglass, then I went to the wood and it was pure love, my mind is filled with questions and the desire to try, experiment, create not a unique fashion accessory but also create the material with which it is created
Within two years I have refined six different techniques with a great success, but what really carved my passion was the presentation of this project at MAKER FAIRE 2016, 3 unforgettable days in which every visitor who has passed in front of my booth made me feel really special for what I had invented and realized, seeing their astonished faces and answering their questions it was a source of great honor for me.
For this reason, for this 2017 edition I have devised a new material and refined the "old" to surprise even more who last year made me feel so special
This is me :
Technology, head, hands and heart

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