Exhibitors 2017

Camera a Nebbia (Cloud Chamber) Do-It-Yourself

A low-cost D-I-Y Diffusion Cloud Chamber controlled by Arduino, that by using a matrix of Peltier cells for the second and third cooling stage don't need the constant feed of dry ice, so that it can work continuously. The first stage uses two aquarium coolers and a water circuit.

Camera a Nebbia (Cloud Chamber) Do-It-Yourself

Carlo Fonda, Marco Baruzzo

Marco Baruzzo and Carlo Fonda work in the ICTP Scientific FabLab in Trieste and enjoy using their (little) free time to invent new solutions -following the maker philosophy- to some of the big and small problems of the world at large, like for example how to recycle plastic, how to use new models of 3D printers in remote and poor areas to build large objects in a short time and with minimal resources. They also enjoy using their knowledge of physics to create new entertaining exhibits for kids.

  C46 (pav. 8) - ICTP SciFabLab

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