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Cubbit | Home-made, forever-free Cloud storage.

Cubbit | Home-made, forever-free Cloud storage.

We are creating the first Community Cloud.
The Cloud as we know it, is inefficient, polluting and expensive. We are forced to pay companies that have access to our files, hosted on their proprietary servers. Our technology creates the first distributed cloud service that allows everyone to save their data without any monthly fee or space limit.
Cubbit is do-it-yourself, but our strength is COOPERATION. Everyone benefits from the community cloud as other users have also activated an IoT device. They form together a peer-to-peer network. As in a coordinated swarm, the individual interest goes together with the good of the community.
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Cubbit | Home-made, forever-free Cloud storage.

M. Moschettini, L. Posani, S. Onofri, A. Cillario

We are the Cubbit team. Our technology has won the Italian National Prize for Innovation.

Marco Moschettini | Software engineer. In love with coding since he was 12.

Lorenzo Posani | PhD in Statistical Physics of Complex System at École Normale, Paris.

Stefano Onofri & Alessandro Cillario | founders of StartUp Day at the University of Bologna
(bit.ly/2ioY9b4), which has now become the most attended event on young entrepreneurship in Italy

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