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A-Scales, just ... a perfect combination of reliability, ease of use and high performance.
An instrument in the IOT era, which can talks directly with the main suppliers for the supply of the about to finish or expiring food.
Automatic acquisition of quantities and types of food. Stop to the waste of food and carelessness. Real-time information due to the use of mobile devices. Your refrigerator, your pantry, will always be monitored and, thanks to the "intelligent" database, you will always know what dishes prepare according to the food and requirements associated with a specific diet.


The OriginalScales

The group is composed of four teenagers from the fifth year of ITET “Rapisardi-Da Vinci”, Informatics and Telecommunication. The group members distinguished themselves for their C ++ and Java programming skills and in the implementation of Domotics and Automation Devices. During their didactic path, they show interest in applications including platforms such as Arduino and Raspberry PI. They developed expertise in 3D modelling and PCB prototyping.

  C7 (pav. 4)
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