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Though we keep on making them, we all know that the culture of selfies is somewhat self-less; we keep on seeing every day an endless number of pictures of friends and acquaintances, all looking the same: posing to appear sexy, sweet, cool or something similar, behind the attitude we show very little of who we are.
To-not-disappear forces visitors to give up the steadiness of beauty and coolness in exchange for presence and personality. You won’t appear in the picture if you don’t give yourself the chance of self-expression and to do that you have to renounce to fit in.



Luisa Fabrizi, Andre' Landwehr

Luisa Fabrizi is an architect, interaction designer and artist based in Hamburg. Her artistic research is a constant speculation on the use of body data as a mean to reflect on human emotion and as an instrument of artistic self-expression. Her works are an effort of bridging between digital and analog, machines and humans. She graduated as an architect in Rome (Italy) and as an interaction designer in Malmö (Sweden). Nowadays she is one of the artists in the Honigfabrik ateliers in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg and collaborates sometimes with exhibition design studios around Germany.

Andre Landwehr has a background in engineering and sustainable urban development, with a passion for programming and abstraction of reality into formulas or calculations. He loves to explore digital concepts that interact with the physical world. Together with Luisa he develops interactive sculptures.

  C16 (pav. 9) - Luisa Fabrizi, Andre' Landwehr

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