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PlayWood is a furniture system developed to set up temporary space like coworking, pop-up shop, events and much more… Like a Lego for wood, PlayWood permit to build, destroy and rebuild again furniture. The assembly system is an alternative to drilling and screwing projects: it helps user saving time and energy, any PlayWood furnture can be easily disassembled for storage or moving needs. The furniture are Designed to be downloaded and made locally on demand. PlayWood is not only a product but a contemporary sharing platform. Thanks to digital manufacturing technologies and the Maker Movement, we have the chance to rethink how goods and services are made and distributed on a global scale.


PlayWood team

Our team currently counts 4 people. Each one has different backgrounds and complementary skills necessary to achieve our goals.
Stefano Guerrieri and Carlotta Nizzoli, linked by the same vision, have founded the start-up in October 2015. After 1 year, Mirco Bonilauri and Giovanni Silvanini joined the team in September 2016.
Passion for design, strong commitment and great cohesion have made it possible. We have fully developed all the necessary activities, showing horizontal skills and being able to cover different kind of roles, even outside of each one specific competencies.

Stefano Guerrieri CEO Co-founder , CTO - Team role: Product&Brand Manager
Carlotta Nizzoli Co-founder - Team role: Retail&Distribution Manager, HR Supervisor
Mirco Bonilauri Co-founder CFO -Team role: Product Designer, Production Supervisor

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