Exhibitors 2017



“If you are elaborating an invention, you go into a special laboratory, where you are given a place, a carpenter’s bench, a turning lathe, all the necessary tools and scientific instruments, provided only you know how to use the; and you are allowed to work there as long as you please.
There are the tools; interest others in your idea; join with fellow workers skilled in various crafts, or work alone if you prefer it. Invent a flying machine, or invent nothing that is your own affair. You are pursuing an idea that is enough.”
Pëtr Alekseevič Kropotkin


Techlab, associazione di promozione sociale

The Social Promotion Association Techlab,
headquartered at the former Tabasso Cotton factory (Chieri-TO), manages a laboratory with tools and instruments of various kinds, representing one of the few examples in Piedmont's public lab where anyone can try to realize his ideas.

  A21 (pav. 4)
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