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Rondine Motor electric motorcycles
Rondine Motor electric motorcycles

Rondine Motor electric motorcycles

The Rondine Motor Project is an idea of the brothers Filippo and Marco Nuccitelli: producing a completely new range electric motorbikes with innovative components, motors and design .
Our company developed the Eco-mobility concept working on the first endothermic prototype, RRV1, with its technological and design innovations and then, through a series of models, developed finally our present electric motorbike series, Elettra
Our company is now ready to manufacture and market our definitive models ( a range of three electric motobikes, Motoard, Off-Road, Cafè-Racer) as consumers’products and wish to acquire new partners to finance our growth.
Our business plan is developing a range of products to answer electric motorbikes market demands, closely matching its different “traditional” and “new” uses, now prevalently urban but looking toward a more long-range developments for the future.
Rondine Motor has developed the models range through a process based on innovation and quality control toward.
- Standardization of the objectives, planning and programming of the design phase;
- Differentiation of the models according to quality control design
- Establishing Rondine Motor company’s image as Green Economy company, according to environmental, ethic and economic sustainability values.


Rondine Motor electric motorcycles

Rondine Motor

Filippo Nuccitelli, CEO of the company cares about commercial and public relations; he deals with product development.
Marco Nuccitelli, Designer takes care of the style and the engineering of the models, the realization of prototypes and takes part in the start-up of production

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