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AGRICOLUS DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM is a composition of several vertical products that leverage on a common architecture, that cover up to 70% of functionalities common to all the crops, and dedicated professional algorithms for diseases forecasting and agricultural optimizations. Data are collected trough satellites, drones, IoT, dedicated apps and soon with our own plug&play AgriPlug device that connects tractors and other Precision Farming Devices to AGRICOLUS SaaS cloud.
We also provide AGRITRACK: an end to end tracking service that can bring information on good agronomical practices directly to the end users to raise their awareness on the real value of the goods they are buying.

By using modern data collection technologies AGRICOLUS has the following functions: Informatization of AGRICULTURAL MANAGEMENT for easier storage of plot’s data and analysis, SUPPORT in order to administer differential treatments and other operations for the crops (fertilizers, plant protection products and irrigation), ALERT about diseases and other adversities that can affect crops using proprietary algorithms.


Andrea Cruciani

A very proactive person always open to new ideas and technology passionate who likes challenges
Software Architect, business architect. Experience over 15 years in developing and managing multidirectional enterprise systems.
Founder and CEO of TeamDev Srl an innovative enterprise with focus on Smart Cities and Precision Farming

  B11 (pav. 9) - Andrea Cruciani

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