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GRIFFA: il DNA ti dice cosa mangi.
GRIFFA: il DNA ti dice cosa mangi.

GRIFFA: il DNA ti dice cosa mangi.

One of the major issues of modern times are food adulterations and more than $45B in 2016 has got lost for food substitutions. For the same issue, every 3 minutes a person goes to Emergency for an allergic reaction because some allergens were not claimed in labels.
GRIFFA detects every single food ingredients, including allergens, based on genomics. We compare DNA in all types of food with a private database getting a very accurate response.
We can say people what they’re eating, protecting customers from adulterations and providing producers a tool to add value to their products. https://www.facebook.com/anisa.ribani/media_set?set=a.10211496836635483.1073741834.1200801433&type=3

GRIFFA: il DNA ti dice cosa mangi.

Valerio Joe Utzeri - Anisa Ribani - Giuseppina Schiavo - Samuele Bovo - Claudia Geraci

Valerio Joe Utzeri: I am a PhD in Agricultural, Environmental and Food Science and Technology and I have been working for 6 years in food and environmental genetics.
Anisa Ribani: I am a evolutionary molecular biologist, with a PhD in Agro food science working in the field of livestock genomics and nutrigenetics.
Giuseppina Schiavo: I am a computationa biologist and I have been working in biological data analysis in agrifood field for 6 years, including sequencing and genotyping data, using bioinformatic pipelines and programming.
Samuele Bovo: I am a bioinformatician and a biotechnologist currently pursuing a PhD in Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical sciences. My interests covers biological data analysis and development of pipelines and bioinformatic tools. [link https://www.linkedin.com/in/samuelebovo/ ]
Claudia Geraci: I am a biotechnologist with interests in the field of animal science. At the present, I am a PhD student working in agro-food science by applying genetics and genomics to animal breeding.

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