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P2D : trasforma (quasi) qualsiasi cosa in un oggetto IoT

P2D : trasforma (quasi) qualsiasi cosa in un oggetto IoT

The project aims to create a set P2D devices based on cheap ESP* wifi module, able to turn a physical device (like a remote, or a switch plate, ad so on) into one connected to the network. So you can turn on the light, or open your garage using your Telegram client or by a physical dashboard.
You do not have to solder or to connect wires to your eletrical system or to hack your devices!
Simply apply the P2D device and configure it through its web interface.

Thanks to this project you can:
- help people with disabilities, by giving them a single interface able to control devices in all their house.
- create cheap domotic node, easy to implement and to remove.
- "share" expensive devices so you (and i.e. your family) can control it simply by a Telegram client.

Of course you can create (and then share!) your own P2D device by using a 3d printer / lasercutter / cnc at home or in one of the thousand of FabLab. The library of the P2D device can continue growing thank to all the users who share their own device design.

P2D : trasforma (quasi) qualsiasi cosa in un oggetto IoT

Silvio Rossetto, Mirco Piccin

Mirco Piccin deals with research, development, dissemination and teaching on open source software and hardware. He works with artisans and SMEs on electronic prototyping using open source hardware. He's the fabber at the FabLab Castelfranco Veneto.
Silvio Rossetto "let's add a few leds", geek for work, technician for hobby.

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