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Make And Play - kit didattici

Make And Play - kit didattici

Make and Play is a format designed to bring boys and children closer to electronics, robotics, programming and digital production.
The goal is to make them aware of the use of technology and skilled in applied sciences in a practical, playful and fun way. Our activities are held within FabLab Castelfranco Veneto, but also at libraries, schools, summer centers or other educational institutions and during events.
We are present on most of Veneto's region.

Our workshops are focused on: Electronics, Robotics, Digital Manufacturing and Programming.
During MakerFaire we present the educational kits that we have developed thanks to the experience gained with activities with the kids.

Make And Play kits are made of basic materials that bring kids to experiment with small "maker" applications, encouraging reuse, recycling, and the use of poor materials.
Kits are useful for the kids in the family to experience independently or with mom and dad, but can also be useful for thechers in primary and secondary school to bring into the classes laboratories on electronics, robotics and digital manufacturing.

Make And Play - kit didattici

Gloria Spagnolo

Gloria studied as primary school teacher. She worked for several years for a software house, and then she discovered the world of makers and FabLabs.
For curiosity, she started offering tinkering and electronics workshops for girls and guys of all ages: the Make and Play format was born in this way.
Today, Gloria works in FabLab Castelfranco Veneto, organizing training activities including Make and Play workshops for kids and teenagers.

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