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Swimfit consists of a smart swimsuit and a wearable device. The swimsuit, by menas of textile sensors, is able to monitor the heartbeat, breathing rate and movement. Signals are processed to extract relevant training data, such as heartrate, number of strokes, etc. These data were selected through interviews with professional coaches. At the same time, through app and website, each athlete can control their performance with all calculated indexes. Moreover, coaches can access real-time data (by mean of add-ons that facilitate signal transmission in water) on a tablet.


Paolo Perego

The Swimfit project born form an idea in the TEDH (Technology and Design for Healthcare) Laboratory of the Politecnico di Milano. The main designer is Paolo Perego, research fellow in the same university.
Paolo Perego obtained a technical degree in Electronic and Telecommunication in 2002. In 2008 he received the Laurea degree in Biomedical Engineering with a thesis on Brain Computer Interface. In 2008 he joined the SensibiLab (laboratory of biomedical sensors and systems) at Politecnico di Milano, first as external collaborator and than as a Research Fellow. In 2014 he obtained the Ph.D. in Design with a research on wearable devices applied on newborn and elderly.
His primary research interests concern the development of Human-Computer Interface systems and wearable devices.

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