Exhibitors 2017

BB8 Forthewin

BB8 is one of Star Wars robots. It consists of a sphere of 50 cm in diameter and one head. The ball can move in any direction through an app on smartphones. The head is equipped with obstacle sensors and communicates with the ball with a radio connection. The head stays fixed high, thanks to a magnet system and can rotate at the command. The body is equipped with gyro, accelerometer and bluetooth connection. The robot is equipped with rechargeable batteries that power motors and boards, which move multidirectional wheels.

BB8 Forthewin

Gruppo BB8 delle classi quinte - indirizzo elettronica e robotica - ITI Galilei Livorno

The BB8 group was born in the terminal classes of the electronic and robotics address of ITI Galilei in Livorno. The group has studied a project to create a robot similar to that of Star Wars. They worked last year and the work went on this year to improve the project.

  D6 (pav. 4) - ITIS G. Galilei - Livorno

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