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Blue Energy is a compact and economical system that is able to obtain a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen from water.
This gas mixture can be directly used in the plants and in all the technological applications in which the combustion process is used.
The Blue Energy system is economically viable and sustainable due to the fact that the materials and components used are immediately available in the market and do not have high costs.
Blue Energy also has the advantage of producing hydrogen on demand, which reduces the risks and costs of gas storage and transportation.


Simone Francalanza - VA Meccanica e Meccatronica - IT "Archimede" di Catania.

I am Simone Francalanza and I attended a five-year vocational course in Mechanics, Mechatronics and Energy at Archimede Technical Institute in Catania where, last July, I obtained my Diploma with the vote of 100 cum laude/100. My passion for energy research has enabled me to invent Blue Energy.
I have always devoted myself to the study of various technical subjects with the aim of converting my ideas into reality.
I am interested in innovation and I usually spend my free time looking for possible developments that could improve our way of life.
My main focus is on the production of environment friendly energy, which can be used in systems that are still in use in order to reduce their environmental impact.

  C24 (pav. 4) - IT Archimede - Catania

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