Exhibitors 2017

CIRCUIT-MAKER: an educational game to bring your child closer to the world of smart objects

The child can learn how to handle simple electronic circuits (sounds, led lights, sensor functions). The cards will be composed of illustrations made with Bare Conductive Conductive Ink; the lines that will compile the figures will be deliberately broken so that the child, with a conductive pencil provided with the kit, or through a pencil or other conductive material, can close the circuit and make it work by completing the illustration; Within the kit there are pieces to be assembled that make up a spatial scenario; After completing the cards and assembling the pieces, the child will be able to make a circuit on the different elements of the scenery, obtaining an illuminated environment for decorative and playful purposes.

Chiara De Angelis, Dalila Niespolo

Chiara and Dalila are attending master's degree in Computational Design. University of Camerino

  A5 (pav. 6)
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