Exhibitors 2017

DROPE - The self balanced walker

DROP is an elderly person assisted mobility device. It is designed to facilitate the elderly person during the walk so as to guarantee greater physical autonomy and a more independent life. The robot facilitates the daily travel of the user both home and abroad. It is also designed to help you maintain a more active lifestyle. DROP is based on self-balancing technology when it is lit it's able to balance itself on two wheels. Thanks to the diameter's wheels allow the elderly person to move independently even when ascending and descending stairs. Finally, the robot is able to detect obstacles and provides greater security during its use, avoiding the person possible accidents.

DROPE - The self balanced walker

Lucia Livia Barone

Lucia Livia is attending Master's degree in Computational Design, University of Camerino.

  A5 (pav. 6) - Universit√† degli Studi di Camerino

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