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Take two musician-inspired robotics students, a harp to be reinvented in
a maker optics and you'll have the LASER-HARP !!!

Shelly and Francesca are students of electronic and robotics
specialization at IIS 'Tito Sarrocchi' of Siena who decided to produce
the laser-harp as the thesis for the final examination of the year

The focus of the project is the substitution of metallic strings by
laser beams, tuned up on the several pentagram notes. The harp is played
interrupting the beam correspondent to the desired note.

An Arduino_Max manages all logistics of the harp and when it realises a
beam associated to one of the inputs the beam is interrupted and creates
the corresponding musical note.

Subsequently, the generated audio signal is sent to an active case to be
played back.



Cappelli Francesca, Ciacci Shelly V^A Elettronica e Robotica IIS SARROCCHI SIENA:

Shelly and Francesca are newly graduated students at IIS TITO SAR ROCCHI in Siena in the 2016-2017 school year.

They have developed the project "ARPA_LASER" because their passion is music, and to realize a musical instrument which uses their skills in the field of robotics and electronics.

In their immediate future, Shelly chose to start work, while Francesca continued her studies in the university.

  D5 (pav. 4) - IIS T. Sarrocchi - Siena

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