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What is Bioeconomy? What are the Bio-based products of everyday use? Can we make more sustainable choices for the environment and our health?
Visit the BIOECONOMY VILLAGE @Maker Faire in Rome (nuova fiera di Roma) from 1 to 3 December 2017 to discover how!
Promoted by Maker Faire and the European Projects BIOWAYS and STAR-ProBio, (funded by the European Commission and BBI-JU), the BIOECONOMY VILLAGE aims to raise public awareness, improve knowledge of Bio-based products and promote the applications and benefits of Bioeconomy, hosting Università di Bologna, CNR, Università di Roma La Sapienza, Università di Tor Vergata, Università Campus Biomedico, ENEA, Università di Torino, the projects ISAAC, ValoriBio, BioSTEP and Companies, Start-up including Minimo Impatto, Algaria, Chimica Verde Bionet, 06 scienza, BioInnoTech, Azzero CO2, AlgaRes, CHIMAR, SINGTEX® INDUSTRIAL CO e Turbliss.
Several applications of everyday use will be showcased in a practical and engaging way through products exposition, samples, curiosities, thematic workshops and demonstrations. The exhibition space is divided into the following areas:
1. Cleaning and Hygiene Personal Care & Cosmetics Health, biomedical
2. Textile products, clothing, sport and toys
3. Food Packaging, Disposable Products for Catering and Events
4. Biofuels and Bioenergy
5. Environmental bioregulation and biological sensors
6. Building, Construction and restoration; paintings, decorations and furniture
7. Agriculture, Food, nutraceutical and Fishing
8. European Projects
9. Games Area
The bioeconomy is waiting for you!


BIOWAYS project

BIOWAYS (GA 720762) is a Coordinated and Support Action (CSA), funded under Horizon 2020 and BBI-JU aiming at promoting Bioeconomy, Bio-based products and the research in the domain.

  Bioeconomy Village
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