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Test your drone
Test your drone

Test your drone

We will carry a bench to measure the technical characteristics of drones, dronesbench. The team will give users a complete check up of their drones. During the tests the users will try piloting their drones, checking all the commands safely. At the end of the test the users will be given all the numerical characteristics of their drone: payload, current, voltage of work, electric power, quality of the battery. Besides, we will give the dronesbench index, an index to evaluate the efficiency of the drone. We will possibly provide information and suggestions to increase the efficiency of the drone and to permit a better use of it.

Test your drone

VB SIA Ites Fraccacreta

The group is composed of the most enthusiastic pupils of their class; fond of drones, they are working and enjoying on drone's functions. The are comparing the characteristics of the most popular drones and are planning to publish the results on the web.
They are cooperating with DPM Elettronica, a factory that designs testing tools for drones and has a measurement laboratory for drone certification.

  D11 (pav. 4) - ITES A. Fraccacreta - S. Severo

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