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REcycle - Italian CargoBike
REcycle - Italian CargoBike

REcycle - Italian CargoBike

ReCycle was born in 2008 to restore old bikes, customizing them according to the needs and desires of the owners.
In 2013 we created the first prototype of Cargo Bike starting from an old '90s MTB frame.
After 3 years of testing and feedback collection, in 2016 we designed a new frame and started our first production batch
We provide customization and personalization of any of our frames, according to your needs.
We can start from your bike, do a nostalgic walkabout through our 90's frame museum or even provide you with a diy kit!

REcycle - Italian CargoBike

Marco Casalgrandi

Marco Casalgrandi, design and assembly manager and purchasing manager. He deals with the development and design of all components, manages relationships with suppliers.
Eros Ferrari, production manager. It manages all aspects from quality control to frame construction.
Giulio Casini, Marketing Manager and Customers. It deals with customers by sending submission emails or handling requests. It also administers social channels and the website.

  C40 (pav. 8) - Marco Casalgrandi

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