Exhibitors 2017



Vallbot is robot using three omni-directional wheels: moving these wheels upon a big sphere it can stand still, move in any direction, and pivoting along its vertical axis. It is a revisited version of well known inverted pendulum. A combination of motors, microcontrollers, gyroscopes, ultrasonic sensors accelerometers allows the thing to carry small equipments


classe ITS V, 2015-2017, corso ITS - sede decentrata di Fossano (CN)

The group was composed of nearly 20 students. The project was part of ITS course TECNICO SUPERIORE PER L'AUTOMAZIONE ED I SISTEMI MECCATRONICI based in Fossano during 2015 - 2017.
Following personal specific skills any student worked on single part, sharing knowledge, ideas, discoverings, improvements during peer-to-peer sessions with the teachers.

  C13 (pav. 4) - ITS Aerospazio/Meccatronica Piemonte - Torino

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