Exhibitors 2017

A.R.S. - Advanced Rubik Solver

ARS robot is able to solve Rubik's cube in a totally automatic way.
A simple webcam identifies colors on each face amd sends them to software able to process a correct sequence of movements in order to solve the cube.
The software sends this sequence to an Arduino UNO which converts instructions in current pulses to stepper motors, those ones moving the cube along two horizontal axes until complete solution.
Completely built inside Prototipation school laboratory, thi project is simple to replicate and all the documentation in available on school website.

A.R.S. - Advanced Rubik Solver

A.R.S. vTeam

Two young guys, Paolo the naive mind, Alberto the clever arm, with an astonished teacher: the teacher have never been able to solve Rubik's cube.

  E10 (pav. 4) - IIS G. Vallauri - Fossano

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