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Playcar Playmoove Smart Mobility Innovation
Playcar Playmoove Smart Mobility Innovation

Playcar Playmoove Smart Mobility Innovation

The future of urban mobility and the linked services is to integrate different systems of mobility: car and bike sharing in different configurations, bus ticketing, car pooling or ride sharing, parking, rent a car or bike, ev recharge, peer to peer sharing with private cars, rent with driver, open and big data, AI to know the best modality of transportation for us.
Playmoove is the MaaS platform full API to manage this urban transportation and is tested with Playcar car sharing, Cabubi bike sharing in Cagliari.
Playmoove wants to offer to consumers a way to create their personalized transportation company in their city in 10 minutes and to develop the initial idea creating more services of transportation.
Playmoove is compatible with multiple hardwares if you want to automatize the business following the grow: in car tech hardware or bike sharing locks or sensors for parking etc.
We offer the possibility to companies to develop or improve your business. We offer to private customers to create a new business, simply, fast in all cities of the world.

Playcar Playmoove Smart Mobility Innovation

Fabio Mereu

Fabio Mereu is the founder of Playcar. After a twenty years’ experience in the transportation field he founded Playcar (an innovative startup that deals with sustainable mobility). He manages the car sharing service in Cagliari with 50 vehicles (some of which are EVs), he reactivated the old bike sharing service in Cagliari together with CTM spA and he is integrating it with 100 more free floating bicycles fully managed with Playmoove. In addition to this project he also wanted the remake of a 80’s vehicle (Sinclair 5C) to make it a vehicle suitable to circulation in cycling tracks managed by Playmoove.

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