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Maker Faire France is proud to introduce to you 2 happy french Makers - Fabien Jonckheere et François Xavier Faucher (ToysFab).
During Maker Faire Rome they will propose to you to help us to build a circuit for ping pong ball race challenge !


François Xavier Faucher & Fabien Jonckheere

François Xavier Faucher:

Toysfab.com is a blog offering guidebooks for making toys of all types, from "2-second" crafts with everyday objects to more complex devices such as water rockets, giant dragons, aerodynamic wind tunnels ...
I want to share my vision of education and pedagogy through experimentation, practice, play. How? By giving some tools to both parents and children to know that we can (also) do things when the tablet has no battery, with the most valuable resource that is: the trash recyclable ... or use the tablet in an original way! I invite parents and children to experiment with these tutorials, to adapt according to their experience, their desires, their know-how.

Fabien Jonckheere is a young designer with growing notoriety. His activities are recognized in the press and his creations supported by exhibitions. He is also an activity leader in recreation centers where he teaches children's recreation and creative recreation.

  D20 (pav. 8) - François Xavier Faucher & Fabien Jonckheere

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