Exhibitors 2017


BioInnoTech it's a startup born from 4 biotechnologists. The purpose is to give new life to waste closing the economic cycle in a sustainable way; in particular BioInnoTech recovers and enhances the byproduct of cheese factory: cheese whey. According to law, the cheese whey should be correctly disposed due to its high environmental impact, but because of the high treatment’s costs it is often illegally spilled. Through a biotechnological approach, BioInnoTech converts cheese whey in yeast (for bakery products, animal feeds, nutraceuticals and beverage) and cheese whey proteins.


Rosita Pavone

BioInnoTech is a young startup founded by a technical team with high scientific competences. Participating in this program we are looking for a possibility to enhance our skills in business management and we are sure that it will be the right place to meet people with different expertises (financials, management, marketing, intellectual property ecc.) that could play an important role in our network

  E15 (pav. 8) - Premio Cambiamenti - CNA

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