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Having as a background the crisis that has deeply marked this sector, the problem of warehouse management, which is intended to give value / to exploit the unsold stocks and to optimize the supply process, represents today a very serious problem and in many cases was reported among the causes of the failure of construction companies.
Edilmag, thanks to its digital service (Web Portal and APP), responds to this problem by proposing an innovative wharehouse management system that allows you to create an online inventory through which you can share all or part of your own wharehouse with the other construction companies registered with the Network. At the same time, companies may search, for rental or second hand purchase purposes, materials and machinery that are in the neighbouring wharehouses, which results in a win-win situation for both sides.
Edilmag has a social feature in its DNA. In addition to supporting construction companies, it helps the territory by means of beneficial-purpose initiatives in order to support the local territories stricken with natural disasters and earthquakes. For instance, Edilmag’s services have been successfully used during the recent earthquake that struck Central Italy. In this perspective, Edilmag has decided to donate its service credentials to Civil Protection, to municipalities and to construction companies located in the seismic crater.



Arch. Rodolfo BRANDI (CEO) & Ing. Christian RICCIARINI (CO-Founder)

The architect Rodolfo BRANDI, co-founder of Edilmag, is an entrepreneur with a thirty year-long experience and specific skills in the construction and managerial field. He possesses a significant professional curriculum as a technical director and he has distinguished itself for sucessfully managing several public construction works.
Engineer Christian RICCIARINI - developer and co-founder of Edilmag - has a decade-long experience in the role of manager at an important construction company sit in the Marche region. His propensity to enterpreneurship and the skills acquired during training programs were successfully put into practice, to the extent that his professional background includes roles as IT developer, co-founder of three innovative startups (Edilmag, Officine Creative Marchigiane - consisting of IT programmers, App developers, graphic designers, engineers; and My Logo - a startup specialized in sports merchandising) and also co-founder of ID106: the Innovation District and Coworking place of Pesaro.
The fusion between Rodolfo Brandi’s business idea and the technological innovation brought by Christian Ricciarini gave life to Edilmag in 2016.

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