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foodiestrip's ideas came three years ago from a group of thirty-year-old friends, travel and food lovers; two of them even own a restaurant. The problem of fake reviews is consuming the old food review platforms. The business owners need now more than ever the help of the web, but those entrepreneurs do not have any allies. On the other hand, people using the internet to choose and rate a culinary experience have tools that most of the times are superficial, not reliable or transparent. foodiestrip is here for this reason: help business owners to improve their own offer using data taken from the world's most reliable reviews, and the users will be able to use these reviews as well. But how foodiestrip can manage to be an authoritative guide in this field? Through a patented check-in that will certify the real presence of a customer in the business and with the help of dedicated and specific questionnaires. Both techniques have no precedent. Fake-news are the real battlefield of this new web era. The battle has begun in every field, from journalism to social medias, and foodiestrip accepted the challenge on the gastronomy field.


Fabrizio Doremi, Alessio Poliandri, Roberto Massi, Luigi Lucentini

There are three principal inventors, Fabrizio Doremi, Alessio Poliandri and Alessandro Capretti.
After a first conceptual stage in 2013 and 2014 the commitment for the project increases and in 2014 another person joins the group, Roberto Massi, who brings his financial knowledge and contacts from Asia and USA.
It is a hectic period, where the foodiestrip's team starts to invest in research and data acquisition.
But they soon realize that such an ambitious project cannot be carried on without a financial support. The group starts to look around and for one year and a half they attend pitches and diligence in Italy and abroad.
During a pitch elevator in New York on November the 15th, 2015 the App was welcomed with enthusiasm and the revolutionary meaning was understood.The turning point arrives on June the 25th, 2016. Doremi receives a call from Luigi Lucentini, who has been searching for talents. He heard about foodiestrip's project on a report that was published after the pitch elevator in New York and he is ready to be involved.
On November the 30th, 2017, the result of 5 years of dreams, sleepless nights, tensions, fears, certitudes and sudden enthusiasm will see the light. FoodiesTrip will see the light, its unique and ambitious goal is: change the rules of the game.

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