Exhibitors 2017


The Food Maker Area at the European Maker Faire offers makers and the general public a vast array of events, conferences, workshops, laboratories, and projects destined to change the world of food, overseen by our Future Food, the Bolognese trust dedicated to food and innovation.
Some examples? Automated greenhouses that can be managed with a click, 3D food printers, sensors for decoding the content of foods, plus special dishes like seaweed and insects that might just rock our culinary worlds. But innovation and technology literally came together where food is king: the kitchen!



Future Food is a global community of actors responsible for feeding and improving the world, expressing its positive impact through empowering local economic and cultural growth, creating job opportunities and making the world and healthier place. Future Food is an entire ecosystem that makes food innovation a key tool to tackle the great challenges of the future, connecting with the world while promoting the local territory. This comprehensive ecosystem centers around education, the Future Food Institute, through its precious global partnerships, the Food Innovation Program and the numerous international projects provide a true platform of positive cross-pollination and constant inspiration. The ecosystem is also an accelerator that supports companies in the sector and institutions on the paths towards open innovation, as well as nurturing communities of young entrepreneurs and scientists with "disruptive" ideas through laboratories and the Future Farm project that is a real, working farm for startups in the Agtech sector. The Urban Coolab located in the center of Bologna has been recently inaugurated to close-up the circle and showcase and share with the city the global food innovations that are part of the ecosystem.

  A17 (pav. 9) - FUTURE FOOD

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