Exhibitors 2017


Brain and heart, bones and muscles, lungs,
breast and uterus, they all hide fascinating
melodies. the electro-medical devices technology
allows us to listen to them.
Do you know what the rhythm of your heart
is? Have you ever heard the vibration of
your thoughts? Do muscles and bones
really create music? Come and find it out!
An extraordinary installation interprets the
sounds of our through the creation of seven
original hypnotic melodies.By putting on regular
headphones, you can experience an
unexplored universe in which every part of
the body, as in a fantastic solo, tells its story
through music. And, in the end, you will
listen to all the “instruments” together that,
exactly like in an orchestra, get in sync,
playing an unreleased harmony to be
discovered. That’s the melody of our body melody.



  D46 (pav. 6) - #InnovazioneSuonaBene

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