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The idea of this project comes from the imagination and experience of a woman, mother, kindergarten teacher and nursery who, tired of stereotypes and "plastic" wants to create a soft and colorful alternative with interactive and educational games for children who learn by playing while they grow up.

What is sometimes just an idea can now be realized, in fact the purpose of this project is to listen to what the little ones need and try to make it become something concrete and useful for their learning and their growth.


Sandra Vellucci

Sandra Vellucci was born in Rome on 23 February 1973. After graduating from the master's school, with excellent grades, she was a babysitter for a while. Subsequently, it is included in the rankings for nursery substitutes.
After receiving several annual assignments and 15 years of experience, he interrupts the teaching to follow another of his great passion: pastry. She dedicated himself to this new activity around the world for about 6 years and then returned to teaching. A new year of supply in a kindergarten allows her to meet her partner and father of his son, so desired. Currently she is dedicated to her son and to this new project, Pilappa, also because the years spent away from school, the new rules and new commitments do not allow her to work as before in the field of school education.

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