Acquario 3.0
 Acquario 3.0

Acquario 3.0" di Catalin Montanaro

The "Aquario 3.0" project is an aquarium lived by robot. It was thought and carried out by our team. Robot fish can swim freely in water as real fish. Ultrasonic sensors allow them to avoid any kind of obstacles.

 Acquario 3.0

Team " Ecosistemi & Tecnologia" I.I.S." Piazza della Resistenza" Monterotondo (RM)

The student of the project" Ecosistemi & Tecnologia" work on environmental topics. In addition to a naturalistic/biological study of various ecosystems that are in our school, students can carry on, through an electrical course,electric circuits that can be applied to our ecosystems.

Stand A7 (pav. 9) - IIS Piazza della Resistenza - Monterotondo (RM)

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