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CHEF - Container High-density Ecological Farm
CHEF - Container High-density Ecological Farm

CHEF - Container High-density Ecological Farm

CHEF, an innovative system that allows hydroponic cultivations, in a sterile environment, in a completely automated way. Built within a standard ISO 20 ' maritime container, the Vertical Farm CHEF allows to bring cultivation directly to the city at 0 Km.
The system is completely computerized from sowing to harvest, is completely self-sufficient, all the resources are optimized, minimizing water and electrical consumption and optimizing the processes of plant growth in order to allow high yields, with short and optimized cycles.

CHEF - Container High-density Ecological Farm

Giorgia Pontetti

Pontetti Giorgia, born in 1977, is an electronic and astronautic engineer with a strong passion for nature and technology. Despite her rigid and formal studies as an engineer the passion for agriculture has always accompanied her life.
Since 1996 she is CEO of G & A Engineering, a private research center for microelectronics for space applications and small enterprise, able to design and manufacture Special Equipment for military ad space application.
In 2010, during a space congress, she was very impressed by the hydroponic technique and so she decided to design and built a new generation farm, able to conjugate tradition and innovation, agriculture and technology.
In 2014 Giorgia starts her traditional and technological farm, called Ferrari Farm, where she cultivates either in open field or in sterile, sealed and computerized greenhouses. She transforms all the raw ingredients she produces into high-quality agricultural products with its own automatic food processing line.
Ferrari Farm has been selected as a testimonial of innovation in agriculture, winning several prestigious prizes and boasting numerous television programs, been mentioned in several national and international books and being selected among the Nation to represent Italian Rural Women at ONU in NY.
Since 2015 Giorgia is an active member of the IBIS working group, coordinated by the Italian Space Agency in order to contribute to the design of space greenhouse modules.
Giorgia thinks that agriculture plays a fundamental role in the development of all the civilizations and today, considering pollution, climate changes and overpopulation it is essential to develop alternative methods of food production that do not compromise the functioning ecosystems.

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