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Cabinato per Giochi Arcade
Cabinato per Giochi Arcade

Cabinato per Giochi Arcade

Particular cabinet for arcade video games that can be assembled without screws or nails, all simply by clamping the various parts. It can be made of plywood, MDF or printed with 3D printer.
The size of the cabinet allows you to use a 7 or 10-inch monitor, while as commands it is predisposed to use a joystick and six buttons for the games. On the sides of the cabinet are available holes for installing speakers with 70 mm diameter, Credit and Start button. In the posterior part of cabinet are available the power outlet, USB port, HDMI port for an external monitor, power-on / off switch. As a video game emulator, Raspberry Pi can be used (recommended, given the number of resources available for this application) or more.

Cabinato per Giochi Arcade

Vittorio Loschiavo

I was born on October 20, 1968 in Busto Arsizio in the province of Varese, I have had a small passion for robotics, astronomy and archeology. As a teenager I started to feel more and more enthusiastic about electronics and alternative energy sources. I like to be able to accomplish something that can solve or simplify a problem or a need. I believe that mechanics, together with electronics and computer science, make it possible to achieve a great deal in many areas.

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