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The project is a wheelchair for the disabled with electric movement and vertical lift.
The vertical movement of the seat can be performed manually with the joystick or automatically with an interface setting.
The horizontal movement in all directions is performed with a joystick and is manageable by a user interface that also allows the rear view. It also has cruise control.
The wheelchair is equipped with front and rear lights, rear sensors that detect obstacles or "empty", safety belts and restraint systems of the user.


II° Anno ITS Meccatronico Veneto, sede di Treviso. Gruppo Liberty.

The "Liberty" project group is composed of 6 people and was born within the "Team Working" activity that takes place in the ITS Meccatronico course of Treviso. Each of us dealt with the realization and the production of all the necessary technical documentation, applying also Lean concepts throughout the project.
Within the group there are 2 mechanical designers, 3 mechanical technician and an electronic technician and programmer.
Mechanical Designers.
Matteo Codolo: Mechanical designer, designer and implementer. Within the group I played the role of team leader. I dealt mainly with mechanical design with the help of a 3D program. I also took care of coordinating the work of the members of my group. At the same time as designing, I took care of the realization of many mechanical parts.
Matteo Amato: Purchasing manager, designer and developer. I dealt with the management and control of mechanical / electronic purchases. Furthermore, I helped in the design of various mechanical components, focusing mostly on the arms support and the realization of it.
Mechanical Technician.
Elia Pontarollo: Designer and mechanical technician. I took care of the design and construction of all the support part of the wheelchair. I have also actively contributed to the realization of various mechanical components.
Francesco Covre: I have dealt with the realization of mechanical components, helping in the design of them. I have also drawn up the technical file of our project.
Daniele Franceschet: Mechanical technician. I was mainly involved in the construction of mechanical components and helped in the design when necessary. Also, I was involved in the realization of the A3 model.
Electronic / Programmer:
Luca Rossetto: Electronic technician and programmer. I took care of the whole electrical and electronic part of the project from the design of printed circuits to their realization, dimensioning each component and deciding how to make the system, I also realized the various software for power control, for the management of all the sensors and programmed the HMI interface for the user.

  B8 (pav. 9) - Fondazione ITS Meccatronico Veneto Sede di Treviso

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