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L'evoluzione dei Chat Bot

L'evoluzione dei Chat Bot

Combining the present and the future is possible thanks to the new technologies that surround us and make our life smarter every day. Among the latter we can highlight the fundamental role that they have had and that are having the Chat Bot.

By definition Chat bots, chatbots or chatterbots are software designed to simulate conversations with humans. They are used for various purposes such as online guides or to answer the FAQs of users accessing a site; some use sophisticated natural language processing systems to generate responses autonomously, but many limit themselves to scanning the keywords in the input message and try to provide an adequate answer by choosing between those that "know".

Basically, they are nothing more than software with which users can interact by entertaining a real conversation, asking them questions in order to receive one or more related answers.

These software are able to connect key concepts of information technology that are as distant as they are current and powerful: just think of the Game of Imitation and the development of Artificial Intelligences in the second half of the 20th century.

It should not be forgotten that the Chat Bots can form a basis for the development of the ethical laws of computer science, another unexplored field but inextricably linked to the world of technology as the concept on which they are based is not very far from what generates the robots cited by Asimov in his laws of robotics.

Two years ago, the Fabriano MakerSpace group started experimenting with this type of application, considering them as "tools" with infinite potential.

Over time the big companies have started to use more and more this type of software applications, just consider the voice assistants present in our digital devices.

The appeal of these software has been symbiotically joined to the desire for experimentation and understanding of the MakerSpace group, and the result was evident through concrete and well detailed projects that marked the didactic activities carried out during the course of the year.

L'evoluzione dei Chat Bot

MakerSpace in Library

The public library in Fabriano, with some associations that deal with open culture, software, art and school, started at the end of 2013 a Hack-Maker Space in the Public Library of Fabriano (Ancona).

Based on the new learning paradigms and library models diffused especially in the United States and Northern Europe, we started to rethink public libraries as a place for sharing information, technologies and ideas. It is believed, therefore, necessary to spread in young people a greater awareness in the use of technology, particularly digital ones, and make them, as well, active and creative consumers.

The MakerSpace in our library is not only aimed at young people; intends, however, to be a space, an opportunity for intergenerational interaction and sharing of old and new technologies, old and new media, old and new experiences where people can meet, collaborate, innovate, create.

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