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Cool Nano Particle Synthesis
Cool Nano Particle Synthesis

Cool Nano Particle Synthesis

The proposed plant permits to obtain nanoparticles with a procedure simpler than those typical of other wet synthesis methods where the reagents are dispersed in separate phases, subject to thermal decomposition or a dissociation requiring an external energy contribution.
Compared to similar methods, which use aerosolized dispersions, this process is based on a spontaneous chemical reaction that takes place by coalescence between liquid phases in drops conveyed by gaseous streams; the system does not require energy from outside except for aerosolization.

Cool Nano Particle Synthesis

Andrea Reverberi, Bruno Fabiano, Alessandro Bruzzone

Andrea P. Reverberi is currently Associate Professor in Theory of Development of Chemical Processes in the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry of the University of Genova (Italy). His research activity is documented by more than 90 papers on international journals and it is mainly focused on mathematical modelling of heat and mass transfer phenomena in classical or disordered media with a continuum approach, on Monte Carlo simulations of etching and disaggregation of solids with a discrete approach, on modelling of pyrolysis processes, on parameter estimation and numerical data fitting in physics and engineering and, in a more recent period, on the experimental synthesis of nanomaterials by wet chemical methods and their use in photocatalytic processes. He has been a member of three International Projects sponsored by the Mendeleev University of Russia on the optimisation of batch and continuous processes in Chemical Engineering. Prof. Reverberi is currently reviewer for many international journals in Physics and Engineering. He is a member of the editorial board of Materials.

Bruno Fabiano earned the degree in Chemical Engineering (MD with honour) at Genoa University and PhD in Environmental Technology and Economy (inter-University Italian Consortium). He was the project leader and scientific responsible of the national research programme supported by the Ministry of Environment (Interministry Decree 1177/1989 G.U. n° 173/1989 and consultant for several public and private Companies (including Italcementi S.p.A. , Agrisiel S.p.A., ERG Raffinerie Mediterranee S.p.A., Italiana Coke S.p.A.). Currently, he is confirmed associate professor in the scientific sector Chemical Plants, of the Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering Dept. - Genoa University, holding classes "Reliability, safety and risk management" and “Unit operations and Chemical Plants” in the Chemical and Process Engineering Degree (LM) of Genoa University. He was elected as Chairman of the Loss Prevention Working Party of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE) and is board member of the “European Process Safety Centre” EPSC, U.K.
Author of over 150 papers on profiled ISI journals, scientific and international books, dealing with his research activity on process engineering topics, with emphasis on industrial and occupational safety, loss prevention, mathematical modelling, inherent safer process development and environmental protection. He is co-inventor of the "Process for the cold synthesis of nanoparticles from aerosolized phases and plant for its implementation" (Italian patent application n. IT102017000137650)

Alessandro Bruzzone graduated in Computer Science at University of Pisa and in Mechanical Engineering at University of Genoa. He worked in the technical secretariat of nuclear division of NIRA Ansaldo S.p.A.; successively he was automation system analyst for the steel industry at SYSDATA S.p.A and then a freelance in HVAC and fire prevention systems design. Since 2004 he is associate professor of Technology and Processing System. He gave classes in Manufacturing Planning and Control, Innovative Manufacturing Processes, Materials Technologies. Currently he holds modules in Manufacturing Technology for the Mechanical Engineering in Genoa and La Spezia. Since 2010 he is CIRP fellow member. His research focuses on the functional characterisation of the machined surfaces, innovative manufacturing processing technologies, manufacturing optimisation and organisation. He is co-inventor of the "Process for the cold synthesis of nanoparticles from aerosolized phases and plant for its implementation" (Italian patent application n. IT102017000137650)

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