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Augmented Reality and IoT
Augmented Reality and IoT

Augmented Reality and IoT

Augmented Reality (AR) and Internet of Things (IoT) are growing fast; the use of this technology is really promising for different industrial sectors and its application have the potential to improve Normal Operations as well as to provide new Training platforms.
This project presents a 3D Virtual Environment of an entire plant is used as training environment. The virtual objects and the machines in the 3D model are linked to the real ones by means of a QR code and real information coming from the field are integrated in the simulator for increasing the situational awareness of the trainee.

Augmented Reality and IoT

Roberto Revetria

He gets the degree with honors in 1998 and in July 1999 he is appointed Lieutenant in the Naval Army Corps attached to the Control and Testing Service Head Office of the Military Maritime Arsenal of Taranto. In October 2001 received the title of PHD in Parma University. On November 2001 he wins the Competition for the role of Researcher at the University of Genoa, he than win a second competition for the role of Associated Professor at Parma University in March 2004. The personal experience achieved in the construction of computer-aided analysis models and tools brought him to develop complex software using multipurpose and dedicated (Simula, AnyLogic, Flexsim, Automod, Simul8, ESL, GPSS/H, Arena, Witness, Plant Simulation, Powersim, iThink/Stella, VenSim, Berkeley Madonna) simulation tools. He makes use and develops models in virtual reality. On July 2010 he wins the Competition for the role of Full Professor at the Milan Polytechnic.
He was Deputy-Director of the Italian Center of Excellence in Logistics and Transportation (CIELI).
He is also currently involved in many top-level management training courses: Risk Management, Decision Support Systems and Project Management for Healthcare.
In 2010 he visited Harvard University cited as “Distinguished Visitor” in Office of the University Marshal 2009-2010 Report (Appendix B: Visitor List for Academic Year 2009-2010).
He is member of the Editorial Board of the following International Journals:
Journal of Engineering, Computing & Architecture
Journal of Computer Science, Informatics and Electrical Engineering
Journal of Mechanical, Aerospace and Industrial Engineering
International Journal of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management (IJISSCM)
JSE, Journal of Security Engineering
Bezopasnost' v technosphere,
Elsevier European Journal of Operative Research (EJOR)


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