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LAPARY is a simple and great device that allow to everyone to lear and to train oneself in laparoscopy's technique.
LAPARY is a kit of few components that can be assembled on any case or box and through an external monitor It allows you to look what's happening inside.
LAPARY gives you olso the opportunity to use your own smartphone, your action cam, your webcam trasforming them in a special video device similar to a laparoscope.
The other parts makes you works properly and fine. In fatc by means of the TPE skinn accesses and substitutes for trocars the users can use the surgery tools to move objects inside the LAPARY case seeing what he is doing through the monitor.
This may seem easy, but there are many problems of coordination and dexterity that are typical of the laparoscopic surgical approach especially at the beginning of the practice.
It is therefore designed for students specializing in surgery, for students of veterinary medicine, and for all those interested in this field.
So they can have a very functional tool and they can immediately start practicing in this modern surgical approach.


Alberto Augello e CoLaborando

My name is Alberto Augello and I am passionate about self-production. I studied Psychology of Work and Organizations and Architecture. Since I was very young I have always had a lot of interest in building objects for common use but personalized by me.
In the last few years I have become more and more in touch with the Maker culture, becoming passionate about new digital manufacturing techniques.

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