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Easy Stand
Easy Stand

Easy Stand

A unique product
We builded something different, not seen yet: an affordable standing desk, that allows people working on laptop, to move from sitting to standing in few seconds.
Our standing desk is customizable, easy to carry and to assemble.
Easy Stand provides the opportunity for everyone to improve the workplace, to make it more healthy and efficient, appealing and productive.

Sitting and standing in a few seconds
Easy Stand allows people to move easily from sitting to standing and back, and it is affordable in order to be popular.
In addition, the Easy Stand can be carried anywhere easily, can be closed or assembled in few easy steps.
Contemporary work is everywhere, so we wanted a useful, modern, practical and adaptable accessory .

A quality product
Easy Stand has been designed and made in Italy, famous in the world for the quality of design and the tradition of craftsman.
We decided to produce locally, to personally control the production of each piece and to continually improve.
We selected suppliers for their support to the idea and the project.
We chose to sell directly, without retailers, because we want to personally know our customers and provide them the best support and improve the product thanks their feedback.

Join the Movement!
We want to work wherever and whenever we want, free to listen our bodies and breath our minds, to feel better and be more productive.
Today, we increasingly need to work at home, in shared spaces, outdoors, alone or collaborating with others, 4 or 40 hours a week.
That's why we want to build a community: we want to exchange with our customers-colleagues-collaborators, we put attention to their feedback and suggestions, we want to keep in touch and grow together, to change the way we work and the entire world.

Easy Stand

Alessandro Capati, Angelo Rosati

Angelo Rosati is a digital marketing expert, graduated in Political Science and has a Master of Science in Marketing at SDA Bocconi in Milan and he is attending an MBA at Luiss University in Rome. He is a creator of various projects (includingNewsatme.com and Onlineadvertisingitaly.it), currently working in web advertising, consulting with many companies, and since three years she is the author of the first Italian blog on standing work and wellness, www.lavorareinpiedi.it.

Alessandro Capati is an architect-maker: in the past participated in many initiatives about urban regeneration, he is organizer of first fab lab in Umbria, Green Tales. Lover of CNC machines and digital craft, has already participated in two editions of Roma Maker Faire and follows projects in collaboration or alone (www.facebook.com/folio.laser.fun, www.matterpattern.com)

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