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Flying Roots
Flying Roots

Flying Roots

The proposed project is called FLYING ROOTS, It is a vertical wall garden, that harmoniously combines the plants chosen according to the characteristics, given by the climate and the environment, creating a simple and innovative micro-ecosystem that gives the floral composition an artistic connotation like that of a painting.
The characteristic of the project FLYING ROOTS, is to create works of art, thanks to the use of nature and its colors, to make the environments unique and at the same time combat indoor pollution, as the plants have the ability to improve air quality, they also cancel out the formaldehyde and other substances harmful to health and regulate the humidity inside, improving the thermal insulation of the wall, with consequent savings on energy consumption in terms of heating and cooling, also improving the acoustic insulation of the wall.
The plants grow on a vertical flat surface in pockets arranged to receive them with the earth, everything is isolated by a thick felt, the soil used is integrated with 1/4 of granular hydroterracotta, covered with a fine layer of elastic fabric, which prevents to the soil to be removed from the water, moreover the irrigation system with removable tank of water, programmed with Arduino, allows to water the seedlings autonomously through the layer of vegetable sponge, creating a system that through the sensor monitors the moisture in the sponge placed under the jars, which when dry is rehydrated by the system and uniformly provides the right amount of water to the seedlings.
The benefit of the project brings positive effects on the mood, thanks to the frames that allow you to create multi-colored floral compositions.
The FLYING ROOTS project starts from the design and design principles concerning bio-architecture, the foundation of the philosophy of vertical gardens, which through the digital manufacturing techniques create a functional and environmentally friendly product that can be applied to all domestic environments in a simple and with little maintenance.

Flying Roots

Giovanni Paolo Masia, Stefania Merella

We are Giovanni Paolo Masia and Stefania Merella, we founded the MeMa Lab, a research group in the digital manufacturing sector; Our course of study covers different creative areas: we graduated respectively in graphic design and photography and architecture and furniture, and graduates in scenography and sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sassari. After these studies, we deepened our interest in computer graphics and design, taking the qualification as a multimedia technician. Continuing our journey we obtained the Interaction Designer qualification at the Faculty of Architecture of Alghero. At the same time we have cultivated two great passions; fashion, deepened attending the school of art and fashion of Sassari, and the technologies of physical computing, learned in the training course in the field of digital manufacturing at Sardegna Ricerche. The interest and the passion for new technologies regarding digital manufacturing have led us to take the paths of digital animators at the Fondazione Mondo Digitale - Rome, to study and develop new innovative teaching processes for the dissemination of new production technologies digital.
Our goal is to combine knowledge in technology with a passion for art, design and fashion. Being digital artisans allows us to combine all these passions.

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