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SMD Makeblock
SMD Makeblock

SMD Makeblock

We’re working on a Pick and Place machine, that will mount components on printed circuits. We’re going to upgrade the MakeBlock XY Plotter with an vacuum compressor that will be able to pick small components.
For the macchine to work as we need and to add necessary function, we’re going to edit the open source software
mDraw from MakeBlock.

SMD Makeblock

Gabriela Dudca, Lorenzo Pilat, Cristian Dudca with Fablab Belluno

Dudca Gabriela, a 27-year-old girl who has worked for years as a toolmaker on SMD machines has decided to build one thanks to Fablab's friends. In particular, IT help is offered by Lorenzo Pilat a 24-year-old boy studying computer science at university, and Cristian Dudca a 25-year-old boy who now works as a programmer in England but follows us from a distance.

  G2 (pav. 8) - FabLab Belluno

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