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The BixBis Value proposition consists in a rapid in cup diagnostic kit, able to identify specific biomarkers of bacterial infections in human saliva thus suitable to be used in ambulatory instead of in laboratory.
BixBis is an innovative test with competitive advantages respect to the other test available to date, because it is:
• Non invasive (it doesn’t require blood or the scrape of the mouth)
• Rapid (10 minutes)
• Easy (you must only spute in a cup)
• For all people: baby, children, adult, elderly, male and female, without differences in the race.
• With high sensibility and specificity
• And finally at low costs
BixBis carried out an analysis of the infectious disease diagnostics market, which is a sector with continuous growth: from the current 3.35 billion dollars in 2016, it is expected to increase up to 5.7 billion dollars by 2021 (marketsandmarkets.com data). Specifically, there is a growing interest in molecular diagnostics, which is proven by world market data documenting a steady increase in molecular diagnostic kits that have passed from a market of 4.765 million dollars in 2010 up to 8.085 million dollars in 2015 (Kalorama information report). The analysis of competitors reveals that BixBis shows a great innovation in terms of invasiveness and response time, greater flexibility and low cost: elements that will ensure a strong level of penetration in the market


Luca Gallelli, Manuela Colosimo, Domenico Apa

NAME: Luca Gallelli

1997: First honour degree in Medicine and Surgery, University of Reggio Calabria
2000: Grant for foreign country stay by SIF (Italian Society of Pharmacology)
2001: PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology (Chemotherapy) in Second University of Naples
2005: Specialist in Clinical Pharmacology, School of Medicine University of Catanzaro
From December 2005 to June 2006 collaboration as Attending Physician in Clinical Pharmacology Unit, Mater Domini Hospital, Catanzaro, Italy
2007: Assistant Professor in Pharmacology, Department of Health Science, School of Medicine, University of Catanzaro, Italy
2007: Attending Physician in Clinical Pharmacology Unit, Mater Domini Hospital, Catanzaro, Italy
2007-2011: Teaching in Pharmacology for student in nurse and medicine.
2007-2011: Teaching in Pharmacology for the Specialization in Pharmacology, Respiratory Medicine and Forensic Medicine.
from 2008 to 2014 member of auditor of Accounts, Order of Physicians of Catanzaro
2010-2011: Teaching in Pharmacology for the Master in Forensic Medicine
2011/2012 In Tech Scientific Board members
from 30/12/2012 to 30/06/2014 member of Ethic Committee of Vibo Valentia Hospital (Italy) as Clinical pharmacologist
from 02/03/2013 to 30/06/2014 member of Ethic Committee of Crotone Hospital (Italy) as Clinical pharmacologist
from 01/06/2013 to date member of II Clinical Commission for the evaluation of civil disability ASP Catanzaro
for 2014 to date President “auditor of Accounts”, Order of Physicians of Catanzaro
from 26 March 2014 to date Member of the editorial board of SIF “Drugs in evidence”.
from 01/01/2015 to date board member of Italian Association Board Multidisciplinary Respiratory (AIMAR) – Calabria (Italy)
from 01/01/2015 to date Chief of the Study Group on “Drug interactions in respiratory diseases” of Italian Society of Pneumology (SIP) -Section of Calabria
from April 2016 to date member of GalaScreen Ltd. (G-Screen), Spin-off of the University of Calabria in charge of research and development in biotechnology;
from 02/05/2016 to date Chief of the Study Group on “antibiotic resistance and appropriate prescription in airway disease” of Italian Society of General Practitioners (SIMG) - Section Calabria
2016 Grant Horizon2020 SME Instrument
From 14/07/2016 to date Award Start Cup Calabria with the project “BixBis” for rapid diagnosis of airway infections and in the same day special award “Rubino” for the most innovative project.
02/12/2016 to date Award special mention “equal opportunities” obtained from Politecnico of Milan for the project BixBis during the Nation Award of Innovation.
02/12/2017 to date National Innovation Award with the project “RYGOLDZIP”
da 30/09/2016 to date Member and scientific chief of “Calabria Delegation of the International Foundation for Research on Rare Diseases”
4 awards for research
n. 182 Manuscripts in International journals (Scopus: h-Index 31; citations 2550);
n. 9 Manuscripts in Italian language ;
n. 3 chapters in book;
more than 400 communications in seminars and meeting
Principal investigator of 12 clinical studies
5 National Patents, 2 of these with international extension

  C1 (pav. 5) - University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro

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