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It's lighting!
It's lighting!

It's lighting!

Light is a complex element, we can see it, it exists but it is impalpable, it has no form, it has no dimension, it has no weight. My creations are born from the idea of exalting the light through forms, like small architectures that live because there is light and not the other way around. The collection of lamps for interior design is made through materials from construction, pleated fabric for curtains, concrete, wood, stones, wire mesh, threaded bars, paint. Being an architect, these are the materials with which I am more familiar, and often recover them from construction waste. The last thing I do is draw. The various forms are born from casual situations, I play with materials, like when I was a child I was building with LEGO bricks, I started but I did not know I had to arrive, I only knew it at the end. It a bit the reverse of what happens in the architectural process, sketches, drawings, drafts to realize the idea that in a second moment will be realized. I create the lamps first by playing and then drawing them! My creations are at the same time unique pieces but replicable and customizable, both for the size and for the colors. I firmly believe that a design object is not necessarily beautiful but prohibitive and inaccessible to most people, it is necessary to create objects that furnish and give off good energy accessible to many.

It's lighting!


Born in Messina on November 3, 1970, architect since 1997. In the same year I started working as a freelancer in Rome, I worked as project manager and DL of building renovations, artistic directions and creation of custom-made furniture for private clients.
At the same time I do several collaborations with various companies in Rome, covering different roles:
- Responsible for the design of plans for the cultivation and recomposition of quarries and mines for a mining engineering company;
- Technical Director of a company operating in the design and construction of architectural, plant and furniture for video conferencing rooms;
- Technical manager for the architectural aspects and coordinator of the working group for the graphic restitution of plants, elevations, sections and three-dimensional for a company operating in the field of aerofotogrammetric surveys and topographic surveys.
- Consultant and coordinator of the working group for the architectural surveys of the Aeroporti di Roma (Fiumicino and Ciampino) for an aerofotogrammetric survey company.
In September 2016 the project ARTEMEDIA7072 - Art of Communication, Communication of the Art was born. Creative place of communication, culture, art. Architecture, Press, Design, Home Staging, Handmade, Upcycling and Recycling, apparently detached activities, with a strong interaction and a common denominator, Creativity, never an end in itself, giving life to design products accessible to many

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